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Guide requirements

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    1. Has substantial personal experience with the substance.
    2. Knows their limitations as a guide; takes general and personal contraindications seriously and communicates clearly about these.
    3. Practices proper self-care in order to be available for participant(s).
    4. Engages in conscious advertisement (if at all); no proselytizing or making unsubstantiated claims.
    5. Understands and adheres to the law with regards to their work.
    6. Has a basic awareness of transference and countertransference and actively counteracts these (see e.g. #7).
    7. Ensures sufficient guide-to-group ratio and is transparent on staffing.
    8. Continues their own learning and self-development.
    9. Aspires towards inclusion of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. in their practice.
    10. Practitioner submits to regular assessment of adherence to this Code and to decisions by the Guild of Guides regarding complaints.

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