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Participants Safety

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    1. Mental and physical health screening for each participant, with additional screening available when required.
    2. Honest and transparent provision of information about potential benefits and risks of the service/ experience.
    3. Clear communication about participant responsibility and the extent of the support offered by the practitioner(s); appropriate preparatory and integrative advice are provided.
    4. Facilitator is in physical proximity to the participant for the duration of their experience.
    5. Participant is invited to participate in all parts of the service provided, but is free to decline. However, participant does not leave the space without consulting with the/a practitioner.
    6. Privacy and confidentiality of the participant are ensured.
    7. Any use of touch during the time the participant is in the care of the practitioner(s) is consent-based and non-sexual.
    8. No intimate and/or sexual relationships will be formed between practitioners and participants for at least 6 months after last professional contact.
    9. No proselytizing or pushing personal worldview by practitioner.
    10. Testimonials are used only with full informed consent by participant, and only after a waiting period of at least two weeks.
    11. Practitioners do not sell additional services or ask for donations or payments during or directly after a retreat/session.
    12. Participant has access to a complaints procedure and a confidential counselor.

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