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Representing the Community

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    Miriam van Groen
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    2. Functioning as a representative of the community of trip sitters/ guides/ shamans/ facilitators for:
    a) media (in the case that we are faced with another wave of misrepresentation of our practices, this need not be in any centralized form but could encompass guidelines, advice, or media training).
    b) governmental bodies and regulatory agencies (to convince them of our legitimacy and professionalism; by promoting policies that allow for the regulation of these practices outside of regular mental health care; and by inviting regulatory action against bad actors in the space, similar to action against misconduct in alternative medicine and various form of non-regular therapy);
    c) the general public and potential clients and their loved ones (for example harm reduction advice, providing information about the effects, contraindications and what to look out for in guides/facilitators).

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    Have there been any developments in this area? A person with a script, prepared to face media?

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