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Luc van Poelje

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Luc van Poelje

Founder Psychedelic Insights

Luc is a happy and passionate person, a dad, a life coach, plant medicine advocate, speaker on mental health, a marine corps veteran, ocean sailor, jungle explorer and busy being a full time psychedelic entrepreneur and trip guide.

He has experienced instant deep personal transformation and divine revelations through plant medicines in 2013. He’s a dad and now enjoys a simple life. A father and self confessed fool, he considers himself lucky, grateful and happy.

Luc ceased his corporate working environment in 2013 and re-focused and became a walking and life style coach for years and has later given more than 40 workshops in youth prisons inspiring young felons to turn their lives around and live fully and happily. Ultimately, working with psychedelics changed everything.

Currently with many international collaborations Psychedelic Insights has become known for its authentic personal and down to earth approach. We work with a network of professionals because of our ethics and authenticity.

Our current projects:

Private and group sessions:

Therapist training:

Psychedelic assisted Leadership coaching:

Psychedelic Palliative Care:

Re-connecting Veterans:

Medical & mental health screening:


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