Psychedelic Practitioner Membership (1)


  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Working with ‘Magic Truffles’ or other legally available psychedelics with clients/ participants (both paying or on the basis of donations) within the Netherlands.
  • Adheres to GOGNL Code of Conduct
  • Psychedelic experience for personal insight & knowledge – 2+ years since your first psychedelic experience and had at least 5 intentional/guided psychedelic experiences as a participant.
  • Registered with Dutch Kamer van Koophandel (KvK) or comparable international Chamber of Commerce (as individual or organisation)
  • Explicitly does not offer “therapy” or “treatment” (unless they’re a licensed psychedelic mental healthcare professional – please be advised that it is your responsibility to keep adhering to the requirements of your qualifications).
  • Mental and physical health screening is in place as part of client intake.
  • Has received relevant training and provides transparency about this towards (potential) clients.
  • Committed to continual education
  • Contributes to the field/community (e.g. active participant in GOGNL, volunteers for other psychedelic services; publications, lectures, symposia; decriminalise movement; harm reduction; organizes peer-supervision group, etc.).
  • Publicly offers/advertises with truffles, magic truffles, legal psychedelic ceremony, etc.
  • Committed to GOGNL accountability framework. Clients are made actively aware they can report concerns with the Guild.
  • Submits self-reflection form annually that includes feedback from other practitioners and/or clients.
  • Participates in peer supervision/”intervision” (min. 2 x per year).
  • Provides two references from other GOGNL members or former clients/participants whom you have guided or held space for.
  • Attends at least 1 General Assembly per 2 years, online or live.


  • Full membership of GOGNL including affiliation to GOGNL
  • Member of GOGNL community of practitioners
  • Full access to GOGNL network and forum
  • Listing on GOGNL (public) directory of guides
  • Permission to use GOGNL logo in marketing and communications
  • Participation in accountability framework and mediation
  • Right to participate in the discussion, thinking and development of GOGNL
  • Voting rights in GOGNL General Assemblies
  • Right to participate in GOGNL circles
  • Full access to events, training and support*
  • Access to intervision circles
  • GOGNL newsletter and updates

Future desired benefits:

  • Legal support (as it becomes available)
  • Relationship with truffle supplier (e.g. preferred supplier with discount)
  • Connecting practitioners with research programs
  • etc.

* some larger scale events of the future may carry an entry fee if they cost more to put on than membership fees can cover.


€120 per annum Low revenue/income: €60 per annum. Reach out to the membership circle if you need this.